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Studebaker Legal Services, P.C.


Criminal Defense & DUI


The Constitution is clear that everyone is entitled to a lawyer when facing criminal charges.  Our attorneys have been asked how can they represent people accused of serious crimes.  The simple reality is we do it because we believe in fairness and constitutional principles.  It does not matter what the charges you or your loved ones have been accused of, the Constitution states you are innocent.  Do not let the power of the government tell you otherwise.


Divorce & Family Law


Some of the most emotional types of cases we deal with relate to family law issues.  Some people do not understand why that is true.  The reason it is true is these types of cases deal with things that many people hold close to their hearts–their families.  At our office, we strive to help people achieve their legal goals in a compassionate and timely manner.  Our motto is allow us to do the worrying for you.


Personal Injury


When you or a loved one has been injured due to the fault of others it can be devastating.  Often medical bills pile up, you’re out of work, and you need to still take care of your financial obligations.  At our office we work to help you recover money and other issues to help compensate you for what you have experienced.




Daily we hear from good people who have been placed in a financial situation where they need help in filing bankruptcy.  A common misconception is that a person who files bankruptcy is not a reliable member of society.  That is not true.  A large number of our bankruptcy clients are placed in that situation by medical bills.  Every one of our clients is a reliable person who needs the help that bankruptcy protection offers.  At our office we offer compassion and service to help you through a situation that many have found difficult and embarrassing.


Civil Rights


By experience we have seen too many people who have had their civil rights violated by the government.  While these are extremely difficult cases to handle, we do so based on the individual facts presented and evaluate each case in a way that helps us work with you to decide if litigation is the appropriate way to proceed.




There are great attorneys in the area who do not do trial work.  At our office we pride ourselves at obtaining a successful resolution of many cases through negotiation.  However, we also pride ourselves on an ability and willingness to proceed to trial.  Because we are willing to go to trial we regularly are able to avoid doing so because so many other attorneys are not willing to so they are willing to settle on our terms.


Civil Litigation


The types of cases that our office handles on this area vary.  Each potential case is evaluated as needed based on the facts we are given.  Feel free to contact us with your specific needs.




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